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The Akademia Restaurant

The Akademia Restaurant - Warszawa

Kategoria: RÓŻNE (Różne)
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20 02 2018
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      The Akademia Restaurant is an exceptional place in Warsaw, where the culinary modernity intertwines with art, and the passion connects with the taste incredibly well.
The Akademia Restaurant is an exclusive, romantic restaurant. Many people consider it to be the best restaurant in Warsaw. The Akademia Restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine, combining it with a pinch of modernity. Creativity, modern approach and simply love for food is what makes the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw one of the best spots on the culinary map of Warsaw. We serve excellent food and take care of every detail. Our outstanding cooks use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients to make sure that our Guests get delicious dishes every time.
In our menu you can find both Polish meals as well as modern European ones. We believe that in our restaurant everybody will be able to find something for themselves and enjoy it. The diversity and ingenuity in cooking make the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw a perfect place for every foodie.
The Akademia Restaurant, being a determinant of quality and current trends, offers you an extensive CATERING MENU. It meets the expectations, ensures comfort and convenience and allows you to save your valuable time. Apart from meals prepared with high quality ingredients we also provide you with support and consultancy for organization of any kind of party.

If you have got any questions please visit our website or contact us by e-mail:
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The Akademia RestaurantWojewództwo: mazowieckie (Warszawa)
The Akademia Restaurant784902902
The Akademia Restaurant
The Akademia Restaurant
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